Linux demo program for the Silabs IR Gesture USB Reference Design.

Reads the part number of the cp2112 bridge, and the part/revision/sequencer version of the si1143 via SMBus/I2C, finally lets the four blue LEDs dance :).

Released under GPLv3 license.
No warranty. I am in no way affiliated with Silicon Labs.
Download: hid-usb-to-ir.c (version 0.2; Aug. 6, 2012)
Latest version is in the Mercurial repository.

Copyright (c) 2012 Peter Meerwald,

Depends on the HID API multi-platform library, available from
Build with gcc -Wall -g -o hid-usb-to-ir hid-usb-to-ir.c `pkg-config hidapi-hidraw --libs`.

May need root permission to access USB device (or appropriate udev rule).
Based upon information from Silabs AN495 v0.2.