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On this page I collect material related to my year in Bowling Green; by now there are only some pictures available. If you have stuff to share (photos, URLs, comments, ...) feel free to contact me!


I attend the Graduate College of Bowling Green State University. My major is Computer Science. The Computer Science department is located in Hayes Hall. I have an assistantship with the German Department, located in Shatzel Hall, where I do database programming for Klaus Schmidt's Middle-high German database.

Here is my class schedule.

Addresses and contact information of many people are available upon request via email.


August 1998

Graduation 1998


Brasilian party

Cedar Point

Tractor Pulling

Flooded appartment

German party

Katrin, Silvia and Eliot in Chicago

September 1998

Karin's birthday

Black Swamp Art Festival

CS department ACM picnic

Indian Student Association dinner

Saturday night in BG

Classroom closeups

Melanie's birthday

October 1998

BG from a bird eye view

Barbara's party

Football: Falcons vs. Knights

Canoe trip

Pumpkin craving

German Oktoberfest

Diwali (indian festival of lights)

Latino dance party

Snowstorm :-) in our appartment

Ian's halloween party

Trip to Columbus

Detroit trip

December 1998

Thanksgiving in New York

Brigitte's birthday

Unfortunately, my camera broke in Chicago on December 21, 1999. The only souvenir is a Glühwein mug from the Chicago Christkindl market.

January 1999

Christoph's birthday

February 1999

Susanne's birthday


March 1999

April 1999



May 1999

Wood County Historical Museum

Trip to Las Vegas and Arizona (and a bit of Utah and California)

June 1999

July 1999

Visiting Kentucky

Mammoth Cave

August 1999

Niagara Falls (with my parents)

My graduation

Goodbye Katrin @Cosmos


Goodbye German Department


The Next Generation



Mercer Manor #4

Ian's Appartment

Outpost Eighth Street

Bowling Green



BG and Salzburg from a satellite's view

Stiegl in BG!


BlackBart's SouthPark Page on the Sci-Fi Channel

AltaVista knows the answer: 'Am I in love?', also featuring the love calculator

ever tried to dial 1-800-BLOWJOB?

do we have class today? call 1-419-372-SNOW!

StarWars? - StarPark!!!

Falcon's fan page

BGSU German Club

Friends' homepages

Christoph's homepage

Barbara's homepage

Angelo's homepage

Alex Fong's homepage

Werner's, Roni's, and Joe's homepage


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