presentations: Peter Meerwald


    Iterative single Tardos decoder with controlled probability of false positive
    ICME '11 (July 2011; Barcelona, Spain)
    Group testing meets traitor tracing
    ICASSP '11 (May 2011; Prague, Czech Republic)
    Color-Image Watermarking using Multivariate Power-Exponential Distribution
    ICIP '09 (Nov 2009; Cairo, Egypt)
    Watermark security via wavelet filter parametrization
    ICIP '01 (Oct 2001; Thessaloniki, Greece)



    Towards Joint Tardos Decoding: The 'Don Quixote' Algorithm
    IH '11 (May 2011; Prague, Czech Republic)
    Tardos fingerprinting code: Fast and accurate estimation of the probability of being innocent
    IH '11 rump session (May 2011; Prague, Czech Republic)


    Robust watermarking of H.264-encoded video: Extension to SVC
    IIH-MSP '10 (Oct 2010; Darmstadt, Germany)
    Robust watermarking of H.264/SVC-encoded video: quality and resolution scalability
    IWDW '10 (Oct 2010; Seoul, Korea)
    Digital Watermark Detection in Visual Multimedia Content
    PhD Thesis Defensio (Sep 2010; Salzburg, Austria)
    Watermark Detection on Quantized Transform Coefficients Using Product Bernoulli Distribution
    ACM MM&Sec '10 (Sep 2010; Rome, Italy)
    Watermarking of 2D vector graphics with distortion constraint
    IEEE ICME '10 (Jul 2010; Singapore)
    Watermark detection for video bookmarking using mobile phone camera
    IFIP CMS '10 (May 2010; Linz, Austria)


    Targeted Attacks on Quantization-based Watermarking Schemes
    ISPA '09 (Sep 2009; Salzburg, Austria)
    Efficient Detection of Additive Watermarking in the DWT-Domain
    EUSIPCO '09 (Aug 2009; Glasgow, UK)
    Blind DT-CWT Domain Additive Spread-Spectrum Watermark Detection
    DSP '09 (Jul 2009; Santorin, Greece)


    Scalability evaluation of blind spread-spectrum image watermarking
    IWDW '08 (Nov 2008; Busan, Korea)
    A Lightweight Rao-Cauchy Detector for Additive Watermarking in the DWT-Domain
    ACM MM&Sec '08 (Sep 2008; Oxford, UK)
    Blind motion-compensated video watermarking
    IEEE ICME '08 (Jun 2008; Hannover, Germany)
    Towards robust watermarking of scalable video
    SPIE EI '08 (Jan 2008; San Jose, USA)


    Authentication Watermarking and JPEG2000
    Workshop Multimedia Security und Watermarking (May 2002; Vienna, Austria)


    QIM watermarking in the JPEG2000 coding pipeline
    IFIP CMS '01 (May 2001; Darmstadt, Germany)
    Wavelet Domain Watermarking
    Diploma Thesis Defensio (May 2001; Salzburg, Austria)
    A Survey of Wavelet-domain watermarking algorithms SPIE EI '01 (Jan 2001; San Jose, USA)


    Robustheit und Sicherheit Wavelet-basierter Watermarking-Algorithmen (Sep 2000; Berlin, Germany)
    Robustness and Security of Wavelet-Based Watermarking Algorithms
    Guest Lecture, Microsoft Research (May 2000; Cambridge, UK)


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