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22 Jul 2008

Tue, 22 Jul 2008

DNS flaw guessed

rudd-o: The DNS fiasco
On Dan's request for "no speculation please"
Kaminsky's DNS Issue Accidentally Leaked?

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It's an Austrian site, so forgive the comma abuse

From Slashdot: Firefox's Effect On Other Browsers quoting derStandard: "It's sort of interesting though, part of our strategy is to make sure, that we continue making change and the indirect effect of this is that Microsoft continues to have to do releases, because if we get so far ahead that we're able to drive the platform they are not able to keep up and keep their users. I mean, we have this joke which says "Internet Explorer 7 is the best release we ever did", because they would not have done it, if we would have not built Firefox. And the same is true for Apple, they are doing a lot to keep up with us. Safari 3.1 is a good example, as far as we see it, the only reason they did this release was that Firefox 3 would come out and have Javascript speed which would be twice as fast as theirs, cause that's how it was before. So by pushing other people to make releases we can go on our mission to make sure the web stays healthy."

I count 10 commas; 'commarization' is difficult :)
Would be interesting to have this article corrected...

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