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Apr 2010

Sun, 11 Apr 2010

Intel Approximate Math (AM) library

The Intel Approximate Math (AM) library has free SSE/SSE2 implementation for math functions such as sin(), log(), exp(); most interestingly, it comes with documentation, relative error comparison, and a clock cycle analysis for P3 and P4 CPUs.

gcc -mveclibabi=acml/svml should be explored next...

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Upgrade to Lucid

Upgraded from Karmic to Lucid and reboot failed; turned out an extra line in fstab for usbfs (probably not needed anymore) broke the boot process: no error message, no way to get to a console, recovery boot failed with same symptom, last line was Running /scripts/init-bottom. Felt almost as helpless as with Windoze...
upstart is a complicated beast.

Positioning the window buttons (minimize, maximize, close) on the left side is totally pointless of course; luckily, it can be easily fixed.

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