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08 Jun 2011

Wed, 08 Jun 2011

Making an uploadable video

I hate videos that explaining stuff (when slides would be more efficient), but somethings it is the best way to convey information.

My poor man's approach consisted of

  1. a Canon IXUS 70 digital camera (mind you, not a camcorder) which produces a MJPEG stream (640x480, 30 fps and mono PCM audio, 44.1 KHz) -- 340 MB worth of .avi data for little more than 3 min of video
  2. avidemux to re-encode the video to H.264 and MP3 audio resulting in 28 MB of data (that is 1200 kbps)
  3. qt-faststart to allow the video to 'stream' (i.e. playback starts immediately in browser); it rearranges the 'mdat' and 'moov' Quichtime atoms such that the metadata ('moov') is at the beginning of the file

Encoding time was about 5 fps with by netbook (Intel Atom CPU, 1.6 GHz) or about 30 fps on a Intel Core2 E6700 at 2.6 GHz.

The result can be seen here (28 MB, H.264, 640x480).

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minimon presented

I presented my minimon project at Chaostreff Salzburg, June 3, 2011. minimon is some glue code to display a Linux framebuffer on Samsung photo frames (e.g. SPF-107H).

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