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16 May 2019

Thu, 16 May 2019

Epson ET-2710

Epson has a line of EcoTank inkjet printers which promises to bring the ink cost down thanks to ink tanks that can be poured into the printer, no ink cardridges. The printer is about 230 € (May 2019).

It is a multi-function device, i.e. printer/scanner/copier, with several limitations: no fax, no duplex, no automatic document feeder, no card reader. Higher priced models add these features. The printer does WiFi and WiFi Direct -- installation is a bit cumbersome due to the lack of a display.

Linux support is acceptable, Epson provides PPD files which integrate nicely with lsb, but does not support those files. Hard to find: Tested with Ubuntu 18.04.

The scanner part is also supported, I've so far tested the network support (should also work over USB): Tested with Ubuntu 19.04.

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