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Thu, 28 Apr 2011

Change Gnuplot's line type style

I find Gnuplot's default line type styles (solid, dashed, dotted) quite hard to distinguish on small figures:

On the left Gnuplot's default line type 2 and 3, on the right the improved version (much better :-))!

My solution is to patch the Postscript code produced by Gnuplot; first the original Postscript code:

/LT1 {PL [4 dl1 2 dl2] LC1 DL} def
/LT2 {PL [2 dl1 3 dl2] LC2 DL} def
and here the patched lines:
/LT1 {PL [12 dl1 6 dl2] LC1 DL} def
/LT2 {PL [2 dl1 2 dl2] LC2 DL} def

Here is the .plot file and the original and patched .eps file.

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