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10 Oct 2007

Wed, 10 Oct 2007

Essen im Fidelen Affen

Reasonable priced food, hardly any smoke, but air condition too cold. A trade-off. Recommended.

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Yesterday I joined a walk with a 'Gruselgeschichtenerzähler' near the Salzburg castle. The story telling was quite enjoyable, although neither the devil nor a proper ghost made an appearance.
Spooky was at least the admission fee set as 12 eur, but I got invited by the narrator. Thanks!

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europay phishing as :)

It is impossible now to access account and billing information online as this service now receives 'SecureCode' for which one needs to accept unacceptable terms and conditions.
They seem to require a room shielded against electromagnetic emission to operate SecureCode securely.
Furthermore, it would be wise to digitally sign important email for a credit card company.
Complaint is one the way... good, old postal account statement!

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