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10 Sep 2007

Mon, 10 Sep 2007

Two webcams working

Got two webcams working on my slug: a Hercules Webcam Classic (0x5a9:0x4519) and a Linkspeed (0xc45:613c), supported by the ov51x-jpeg and spca5xx-le driver, respectively. No luck with the Logitech QuickCam Pro (0x46d:0xd001) yet (nw802 driver).
The trick is not to use an USB hub, and maybe to set the correct resolution (352x288) and use the correct v4l program.
vidcat is good for the ov51x-jpeg driver, while spca5xx-le wants spcacat with the -g option (no mmap()).
Submitted OpenWrt ticket #2364 to add spcacat.

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