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06 Sep 2007

Thu, 06 Sep 2007

Lighty on OpenWrt

Playing with a web server after a very long time can be fun...
I set up lighttpd (aka 'lighty') to serve Mercurial and this blog.
Unfortunately, lighty 1.4.x cannot limit authentication just to PUT or POST requests -- 1.5 can. I tried building lighty 1.5 on OpenWrt which inevitably dished up some more OpenWrt tickets (#2247, #2224 ). On the other hand, I learnt quite a bit on the GNU libtool craziness (see

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Pyrex rocks - 25x speedup

Pyrex allows to mix Python and C data types (type specialization), and compiles it into a C extension for Python.

I adapted/transformed/re-wrote part of the motion estimation routine within my motion-compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) package to Pyrex. It simply computes the sum of absolute difference (SAD) between blocks of two video frames.

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Cross-compiling USB webcam kernel drivers for OpenWrt

Managed to cross-compile the ov51x-jpeg and nw802 kernel drivers, tickets (#2314, #2315, #2319) pending.

Here's a list of my OpenWrt tickets.

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Mercurial on OpenWrt

Mercurial is a distributed Source Control Management system written in Python.
OpenWrt ticket #2226 to commit the new Mercurial package is still pending but some preparatory bug fixes (#2225, #2248) have already been included.

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blog setup

Finally, I managed to set up my private blog. It's hosted on a slug device running OpenWrt.

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