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12 Apr 2008

Sat, 12 Apr 2008

Trying OpenID

The OpenID setup for PyBlosxom is simple.
bjelli hat's schon immer gewusst :-)

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South Park cartoon

... created with South Park Studio.

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Host USB working

With the supplied Nokia micro-USB cable and a female-to-female USB-A adapter it is possible to attach USB devices to the N810. usbcontrol allows to switch the USB controller to host mode, however, the kernel needs also to be fixed (requiring a kernel recompile which is easy, see here and here).

Some devices, such as the MA-620 Infrared Adapter (0x0df7:0x0620) just seem to suck too much power and the N810 collapses (I had to remove the battery to get it working again).

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CHDK firmware

Setting up the toolchain (arm-elf) and compiling CHDK is rather straightforward. Then just put the binaries on the SD card and boot the new firmware!

The firmware sports a tiny basic interpreter, eg. for bracketing and raw file mode. I have yet to find software for linux to support HDR

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New camera: Canon IXUS 70

I got a new camera: Canon IXUS 70; one of the reasons was the CHDK project; an open-source effort to extend the firmware of DiGIC II and III based cameras.

The new camera is really tiny but seems a bit fragile, at least compared to my previous Canon IXUS v2.

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ICME 2008

My paper Blind motion-compensated video watermarking got accepted at the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, ICME '08.

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