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Thu, 21 Jun 2012

LI-LBCM1M1 / MT9M112 Linux driver

Hacked a very crude Linux driver for the Leopard Imaging LI-LBCM1M1 camera board with Aptina MT9M112 sensor (1.3 MPixel, 1280x1024).

Driver is based on patches by Laurent Pinchart and Linux 3.5-rc2. I have no clue how this media-controller, v4l2-subdev stuff really works... The host side is a beagleboard XM with an TI OMAP3 processor and a parallel synchronous data interface. The following captures a frame:

media-ctl -r -l '"mt9m112 2-0048":0->"OMAP3 ISP CCDC":0[1], "OMAP3 ISP CCDC":1->"OMAP3 ISP CCDC output":0[1]'
media-ctl -f '"mt9m112 2-0048":0[YUYV2X8 1280x1024], "OMAP3 ISP CCDC":1[YUYV2X8 1280x1024]'
yavta -p -f YUYV -s 1280x1024 -n 4 --capture=50 --skip 49 -F `media-ctl -e "OMAP3 ISP CCDC output"`

Let's see if I manage to clean-up and upstream the code... Oh, a captures frame can be seen here. Looks good :-)

Here is my professional setup:

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