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08 Aug 2008

Fri, 08 Aug 2008

Nokia 3500

Got a new phone, a Nokia 3500; Tri-band, Series 40, Bluetooth, Micro USB plug, MicroSD slot. And tons of multimedia garbage features...

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Sequential Analysis

Today I received a copy of Abraham Wald's 1947 book Sequential Analysis (Dover Phoenix edition, 2004). The theory on sequential tests of statistical hypothesis, joint work with Milton Friedman, formulated in 1943 was withheld until after the war and first published in 1945. Let's see what we can cook up with this :-)

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Global ranting: MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode is a Bad Feature, by Dale Phurrough
Mastercard Securecode Rant, by Andy Davidson
Verified by Visa - cause for concern, by Ashley Friedlein
Verified by Visa considered bad?, Joel on Software discussion
Verified by Visa (Veriphied Phishing?), by antiworm

And to cite Dan Kaminsky (on 2006 data): "26 % of the Top 50 banks operate insecurely; all but one use a picture of a lock to assure users the link is safe."

Background info:
Wikipedia on 3-D Secure Wikipedia on MasterCard SecureCode (german)

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